An international Kiki Ballroom house brings to life an elegant family picnic in a legendary way.
Starring & Photographed by The Haus of Hua Mulan
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Opinion & Culture
In her upcoming book, Fat Girls in Black Bodies, Dr. Joy Cox contends with the systemically harmful treatment of fat Black girls and womxn and the methods through which belonging, resistance and acceptance can be cultivated.
Words by Jackie Cassidy
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Opinion & Culture

Photographer David Elliott writes about the power of photography amidst both the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Words by David Elliott

Photography by Robert Cooper, David Elliott, and Jasmine Jones

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5 Hartford artists share their thoughts on the revolution, creating change, and what they believe the future has in store for Black people and our younger generation. 

Written by David Elliott & Jasmine Jones

Photography by Jasmine Jones

Featuring Elijah Patterson, Claudine Fox, Ephraim Adamz, Jocelyn Cerda, and Tree Sage

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"Ancient" by Luke Ellingson is out everywhere now, ahead of his record Clementine, out with Funnybone Records on June 25th.

Song by Luke Ellingson
Album artwork by Kamryn Harmeling
by Funnybone Records
Hartford poet brett a. maddux releases his latest collection of poems titled algorithm hymns. “twenty-two meditations” is an extended reflection on life, death, and reincarnation featured in the final section of the book, the tumor hymns. The featured photographs were taken during the writing of the book’s first section, the travel hymns.

Poetry & Photographs by brett a. maddux
Producer and DJ Ch'Varda continues our monthly curated playlists with her May 2021 playlist “From the Concrete, With Love.” Watch below as she breaks down a few songs from the list and why they were chosen.

Playlist by Ch'Varda
Filmed & Edited by Jasmine Jones