Cover Story
New Haven photographer Swaize interviewed by Kvilan.
Photography by Swaize
Interview by Kvilan
Featuring Tanjanay Bullock, Carl Casuga, Jada Cross, Chace Freeman, Madison Hunter, & Kvilan
5 Not Waving But Drowing 2019.jpg
Two alumnae of the Uconn Fine Arts program talk Golden Globes, the future of animation and the journey of art making in this interview with Laika’s Taylor Lynch.
Words by Alyssa Mattei
Art by Taylor Lynch

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Bebé Machete's new single "Kimimaro” available through Bandcamp now. 

Song by Bebé Machete
Photography by Jack Riley
Released by Funnybone Records
Opinion & Culture
Writer, and avid music consumer, Alyssa Mattei writes up a thorough abridged and unabridged recollection of the Magic Giant and American Authors Never-Before-Seen combined set. 
Words & Photography by Alyssa Mattei
Opinion & Culture

Meet Khamani Harrison: the creator of Key Bookstore, a mobile, community-centric bookstore that brings knowledge directly to the people.

Words & Photography by Joel Cintron

Fashion & Beauty

A live art and networking event for creatives of all disciplines and backgrounds to collaborate, network, vibe and create. Follow @too.bizzie on Instagram for updates.

Photography by Jasmine Jones

Featuring Delina Spencer, Angelica Moquete, Eugene Junior, Rashawn Vassell, Kodi Greenaway, Kelly O'Brien, Reginald Jones III, Elijah Patterson, & Ysanne

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Opinion & Culture
Photographer May Naibo and Model/Stylist Chi Ilochi showcase hope and light for the victims of gentrified neighborhoods with their series "The Black Queen Amidst Gentrification." ​
Photography by May Naibo
Featuring, Words, & Styling by Chi Ilochi
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