Artist Spotlight  —  September 19, 2020

Artist Spotlight: Catalina Aranguren

Catalina Aranguren’s work is a dialogue about the modern world and our place in it. Because of the diversity of cultures in which she grew up, and perhaps in spite of them, her work explores the relationship between perception and cognition.  The idea of the “perceived” and the “actual” are rapidly shifting cultural concepts, though their ability to elicit reactions of fondness and fear remains a constant. The world has gotten smaller as we move to other places, learn other languages, adapt to different cultures. With the increase of speed and quality of technology, the ability to converge the diversity in cultures and the possibility of documenting these makes the world less of a mysterious expanse.
Words & Photography
by Catalina Aranguren
Learn more about Catalina Aranguren through her website at You can find her on Facebook at and follow her on Instagram @caranguren.
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