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March 01, 2018

Guide to:

Milan & Florence

Italy is my absolute favorite place in the world, specifically Florence and Milan. These two cities are great for food, art and shopping — a trifecta of great things. Milan is in the northern part of the country, and is only a 2 hour train away from Florence.
Written & Illustrated by Louise Astorino

Duomo Di Milano

The Duomo in Milan is incredible. It looks like a real-life sand castle, and a stunning interior.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is a great place to walk through, but the shops are insanely expensive.

Sforza Castle

A great place to stroll around in Milan is the Sforza Castle, or Castello Sforzesco. The castle grounds are open on the inside, and they are surrounded by ancient stone walls. It’s always really peaceful and quiet here, and sometimes there are outdoor exhibits in the square.

The best part about Milan is what can be seen by just wandering around the city. Each building is different than the next, and cute cafes and restaurants are tucked around every corner.

Re Fosco Bar

The Duomo/ Santa Maria Del Fiore

Florence is such a magical city. There are buildings that are larger than life (The Duomo), and there is the most amazing food. Some of the most influential artists got their start in Florence, and the city remains as one large museum for all the work created there.

Ponte Vecchio

Basilica Santo Spirito

/ Santo Spirito Church

Piazza Santo Spirito is the best square in the city. There is an amazing sense of community here. There are farmers markets during the day, and at night the restaurants and bars open into the square to create a lively scene.

Italy is known for their cappuccinos and other coffee-related drinks, and Florence doesn’t disappoint. Ditta Artigianale is the best place for snacks, coffee, and an evening drink. There are two locations in the city, and they can be frequented any time of day. Most cafes in Italy turn into bars at night, and Ditta Artigianale makes a great Aperol spritz, the best Italian cocktail!