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Culture  —  March 11, 2019

Sketches From Observations on the Street, on Trains, on Trails, and in The Classroom: Andalucía, Cáceres, and Madrid

Visual and colorful sketches from observations of Andalucía, Cáceres, and Madrid.
by Madeline Nicholson

Watching a rainbow fade away.


The bright yellows and humming greens of Spanish grass.


A young boy waiting for his soccer ball to bounce down the cathedral steps. He meets it and once more scores against the church wall.


In an open horizon of fallow fields, white birds easily scavenging for worms behind the tractor plowing rows.


Children having an orange fight in a plazuela. A boy jumps off the stone bench to reach for ammo on a higher branch.


“Cada momento tiene su encanto.”

“Un mejor día, imposible.”


A seven year old with a rainbow colored jacket stepping through her hotel door. With her palms open at her side, she greets and silently approves the day with a small grin before twirling back to her parents.


White doves flying through orange trees towards the end of autumn. Someone throws handfuls of bread. A black dog runs through them, scattering up again.


When will you have this energy around you again on a Christmas Eve in your life?

Walking through all the languages in Plaza del Sol, Madrid.


A man at nine a.m. using his upturned moped to power a sharpening wheel for his scissors.


Through the window, red-based brown, yellow-based green, cool-toned blue.


Two dogs perched on top of their makeshift house. Vigilantes.


A young girl in a carriage holding her gingerbread cookie the size of her face. Her hand weighs off the side.


A yellow balloon without a string tumbling before me around the corner. Odd to see in a city.


A father and his two sons playing hide and seek with poppers behind a sphinx on the steps of the plaza of a hundred names.


Two brothers jumping for the soccer ball pass in their front yard. On the phone, their dad bends over to weed the grass leading to the front door.

An idyllic Thursday afternoon moment in the suburbs.


A graceful moon. A sliver, like a slender hand hanging off of a couch-arm.


A moving earth toned log with green undertones blends in with the ivy-covered clocktower behind. Walking closer and realising it’s a peacock,

          in the open,

          in a city,

          on a roof!


A father and a son squatted, coaxing a pigeon out from under a table with bread on a rainy day.


A street ebbing and flowing like a river in Toledo.


A father throwing bread bits at his son who matrixes between them and holds an ice cream cone. The pigeons are feasting.


Deep in the campo, a family pulling out a broom within another broom handle to hit down chestnuts from the wild trees. The children collected them after falling.


Beads of frozen water on the ends of leaf-barren branches in the morning.


A fourth grader switching between a glue stick and an eraser “to chisel” pointillism dots with her pencil.

Reaching the same scene in a Muppets Christmas Carol at the very hour Scrooge learns of his death. 03:43


The train shut down. The oddness of being still and silent on a train.


“Una birra después de la muerte?” -graffiti in Cuenca.


The low hanging fog creating a new landscape reflects that soft green.


Coming out under a tunnel under the belly of an eagle.

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