March 01, 2018

Terra-views: Beauty Products

Writer Terra Aislin reviews some of his new and past favorite beauty products, ranging from hair products to body scrubs.
Written by Terra Aislin
Illustrated by Jasmine Jones

Mixed Chicks: Leave-in Conditioner

Before I began my search for more natural and organic products, Mixed Chicks was my best friend for conditioning. It turns the frizziest & kinkiest hair into moisturized and manageable tresses. It acts as kind of a sealant and covers the hair, and it smells great. A little expensive but so worth it.

10oz for $17 on

Aunt Jackie’s Quench: Leave-in Conditioner

Great Texture and Smell. Def a product I used before my journey to organic but it was great for the time being. It kept my hair well conditioned without weighing it down. There were times where it dried out if I didn’t have an updo. But it mostly worked out.

12oz for $11 on Amazon

Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch: Leave-in Detangler

Very similar to the Leave In conditioner, didn’t notice much of a difference. Both were equally effective conditioners and detanglers, honestly. At the moment, I’m still swearing by the more organic tracks as being the most effective products but these were pretty good products for the time being. I def recommend them as you work your way toward the organic life.

12oz for $10 on Amazon

Natural Body Scrub

Sugar, Olive Oil, Honey, Lemon Juice, & Baking Soda. Use the Sugar as a base. Mix the other wet ingredients to your liking and consistency, this may take a while of experimentation to find your perfect blend. Wet your body. Turn the water off and scrub yourself head to toe a few times reapplying scrub as needed and then rinse. Your skin with be refreshed and soft, with a subtle natural scent, and moisturized. It promotes glowing and even toned skin. Perfect for all seasons.

Castor Oil

It has so many uses, but at the moment I’ve only used it for hair. It’s perfect for natural hair. It penetrates and protects your for long periods, and your hair grows fuller and longer because it’s protected from dryness and breakage. Castor Oil is like a magic elixir. I’m beginning to use it on my eyebrows, lashes, & skin. I’ll let you know how it goes.

16oz for $15 on Amazon

Aztec Secret: Indian Healing Clay

This mud mask is amazing and feels great. Mix it with apple cider vinegar, using a none metal mixing utensil like a plastic fork. You can make a thick mask or a lighter mask. Choose your consistency. You’ll hear and see a reaction when you mix the vinegar. It does wonders for the skin, promoting blood flow, giving it a glow and sending nutrients to the face. A great natural way to your best skin.

2lbs for $11 on Amazon

Carols Daughter Leave-In Conditioner

Another product that helped ween me and bring me closer to organic means of maintenance. It smells amazing, and a few spritz will cover a good head full of thick hair. It has a strong lasting smell without being over bearing. Def a must have for dry natural hair.

8oz for $10 on Amazon

Aveeno Exfoliating Cleansing Pads

Another favorite product I used before going more organic. These pads are an elixir and I’ve seen an almost immediate effect on everyone’s skin who has used this product. It promotes a healthy glow and smooth skin. It’s so convenient, pulling out a pad already moist with cleanser and throwing it away when done. You feel the difference instantly. I swear by these.

28 count for $7 on Amazon

Coconut Oil

Coconut, the ultimate hydrator and so easy on the skin and hair. It’s also excellent for oil pulling and great in body scrubs and washes. Add a little to your conditioner or just condition your damp hair by fingering through with Coconut Oil. It’s a light and easy going natural element to moisturizing just about anywhere on your body. It lasts and actually helps repair and elevate your skin and hair’s condition.

16oz for $11 on Amazon