Photography  —  June 15, 2019

The Unknown

Inspired by neon and all things galactic, this photo series uses blacklight to create scenes that feel familiar with an otherworldly vibe. 
by Kaylee Nocturne
Christelle Jessica
The Unknown-003.jpg
The Unknown-002.jpg
The Unknown-001.jpg
The Unknown-005.jpg
The Unknown-004.jpg
Kaylee Nocturne is an artist residing in Boston, MA. Her most recent photographic work is being created using blacklights. This body of work started as an experiment following the artist’s love of neon and all things galactic. The first experiment of the series involved different types of food to see which, if any, would glow naturally under UV light. Now, Kaylee has expanded to incorporating humans in these photographs, creating scenes that feel familiar with an otherworldly vibe. See more of her work on her website and follow her on instagram @kaylee_nocturne.
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