March 01, 2018

Yet, You, & Lost

by Terra Aislin


I haven’t met you yet

Yet I know you in and out

We haven’t spoken yet

Yet your voice removes all doubt

You haven’t touched me yet

Yet I feel you all the time

You haven’t told me yet

Yet I know that you are mine.


Touch me quick

so that my heart

May beat again

Touch me so this

feeling never ends

Hold me so that I can’t let you go

Running from a love I didn’t know

Kiss me so that I may have your lips

Given such a chance to have that bliss

Tell me so that I may fear no more

The love that on me you forever pour.


I’m not sure that I’ve lost it though

I know it’s not been found

It could just be it’s missing

but I’ve searched for miles around

Sometimes I think I’m crazy

cause I hear it creeping near

I turn around to meet it

just to find it disappeared

I’m hoping it’ll come my way

or I may have to chase

for now love keeps me in the dark

far gone without a trace.