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"Ancient" by Luke Ellingson

"Ancient" Single Artwork by Kamryn Harmeling

"Ancient" by Luke Ellingson is out everywhere now, ahead of his record Clementine, out with Funnybone Records on June 25th.

Oscillating between a timeless, rollicking indie guitar strut, and turbulent shoegaze shredding, “Ancient” swirls around the pursuit of empathy for lovers past and present. Relationships barely begun to blossom are thrust into deep history by pain made mutual, and the familiar city streets built around them turn stormy and labyrinthine, leaving us all lost in the maze. As a blur of soaring guitars washes over, a bout of anxiety gives way to a glimmer of acceptance.

Luke Ellingson, Photographed by Noah Silvestry

"Ancient" is the third and final single off Ellingson's anticipated sophomore record, Clementine. Until it drops June 25th on Funnybone, you can pre-order the record over on Bandcamp. All pre-order proceeds to are being donated to Youth of Sumud, a youth-led Palestinian organization working towards food and housing sovereignty in the West Bank.

"Clementine" Album Artwork by Kamryn Harmeling

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