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Celebrating Black History Month through art, BLACK promotes positive black images, while touching on topics including black femininity, black masculinity, unity, and love.

Words & Creative Direction by
Telaysia Allen

Photographed by
George Lee

Styled by

Clothes provided by
How Bazaar

Telaysia Allen, Sadejah Blake, Quiana Grant, Genesis Gulley, Elizabeth Hillmon, Tayler Lambert, Aaron Simms, Zoé Stephens, Samuel Wooten, Larry, Mikayla, & Nichelle

BLACK is a beautiful project because it allowed me to not only be very vulnerable with my art, but to promote positive black images. It touches on black femininity, black masculinity, black sexuality, unity, community, and most importantly, love. I wanted to use this opportunity, especially with it being Black History Month, to put out a project that didn’t depict slavery, but black beauty, and mainly love.