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From The Road

Photographer Dave Crowley shares images from his series From The Road, which features photos taken directly on the road or shortly off of it.

Written & Photographed by
Dave Crowley

In summer of 2017, I drove around the country on a road trip and documented my experiences with my camera. This collection includes some of my favorite pictures taken either directly from the road or shortly off of it. Throughout this road trip of almost three months, I was able to develop my photography skills of composition and editing as well as my production skills of putting together weekly collections which I posted on social media along the way.



Clam Beach

The Badlands

Forrest Gump Point


Yellow Stone

New Orleans


West Entrance


Dave Crowley is a Boston-area photographer who focuses primarily on cityscapes and landscapes. He pays close attention to light, color, and composition in order to capture everything from classic grand displays to inconspicuous everyday moments.

Dave loves to travel and feels particularly inspired while road tripping, exploring a new city, or discovering the hidden corners of his own neighborhood. You can find more of his work on his website and Instagram @crowlz.