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Photography by Evelyn Fenick that reflects on the adventures of life, and the connections between the artist and the world around her.

Written & Photographed by
Evelyn Fenick

Go reflects the adventures of life, and the connections between myself and the world around me. Many of the shots are from my travels with family, loved ones, childhood friends, or even moments when I was completely alone. Each decision has brought me to a new place in life, and ultimately a new perspective. These photographs remind me that life is truly a journey, and some things are not always as they may appear. Your aspirations, loved ones, and even hard times keep you flowing towards a brighter destination. Altogether, Go is about the ride and the flow of life. Wherever it may take you, enjoy every little bit of it, because you only have right now.

Evelyn Fenick is a photographer, digital artist, and graphic designer currently working in NYC. Explore more of her work through her website at Follow her on instagram @evyfennn and @evelynfenickphoto.
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