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Is This Making America Great Again?

Sydney Abrams discuses discrimination in the workplace and its
growing indiscretion since Trump has been in office.

Written by
Sydney Abrams

It appears that since the Orange Virus has taken office, people are more flamboyant with their dislike for African Americans and other protected classes. I have noticed that the nonprofit agencies are one of the most abusive groups there are because they seem not to follow the guidelines as for-profit businesses do. They play on the 60, 90 and 180-day probationary period, hiring several minorities just to make the racial quota — then firing most before the probationary period ends.

By using the At-Will Clause, nonprofit organizations are normally able to go by unnoticed, especially since most victims will not file a complaint with Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). They either fear no one will fight for them or they feel they don’t have the funds to go against a corporate attorney or have the wherewithal to win, so they don’t bother. These nonprofit agencies get funding from the Federal Government, which protects Civil Rights laws, and yet they practice racism.

Another form of discrimination I’ve witnessed while working in the state of Massachusetts is the willingness for nonprofits to hire non-minorities without degrees, while minorities are held to a higher standard and required to have degrees for the same positions. It saddens me to know that the state of Massachusetts allows employers to blatantly disregard the law and constantly discriminate against individuals in protected classes.

It appears the big donors have manipulated the nonprofit world by instructing recipients to cater to their racist viewpoints, creating or protecting antiquated systems that perpetuate racial bias and discrimination. Minorities consistently earn less in the nonprofit world and are constantly told that a degree is needed for advancement while their white counterparts are permitted to use their experience in lieu of a degree.

The leader of the United States is a prime example of what white America has become. He has no experience or collegiate credentials that qualify him to hold what is arguably the most difficult and most important job in this country. In 2018, “Making America Great Again,” is seemingly choosing to turn a blind eye to racial and economic disparity.

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