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Real Art Ways Presents: Statues Also Die, An Exhibition

Photo by Kenneth C. Zirkel The empty pedestal of a Christopher Columbus statue in Hartford removed in June of 2020.

Real Art Ways at 56 Arbor St in Hartford, CT presents Statues Also Die, an exhibition that will be on view from October 25 through January 21, 2021.

Bringing together local and nationally known artists, Real Art Ways presents Statues Also Die, an exhibition showcasing what artists envision for future monuments that transform how our country's histories are told.

Curator Sarah Fritchey explains the show's purpose, stating that "The exhibition raises questions about our commemorative practices and their manifestations of power. Why have we invested so much in these symbols as a nation? Whose voices have been forgotten, marginalized or suppressed? How can we reshape our memorial landscapes to include more diverse narratives?"

Featured artists include: Rebecca Belmore, Cassils, Nick Cave, Nona Faustine, Doreen Garner, Xandra Ibarra, Nate Lewis, Jeffrey Meris, Paper Monuments, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Lee Mixashawn Rozie, and Marisa Williamson.

The public is invited to imagine new monuments as well, through an open call for proposals. Submissions will be included in the exhibition and accepted on an ongoing basis until the exhibition closes.

Statues Also Die will be on view From October 25 - January 21, 2021. Gallery hours are Thursday - Saturday, 11-3 PM. There will be a reception on Sunday, November 8 from 1:30 - 3:30 PM.

Nona Faustine, My Country, 2019, silkscreen, 50 x 60 inches

Paul Ramirez Jonas, Ventriloquists, 2013, Cork, pushpins, notes contributed by the public

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