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Photographer Allis Chang showcases local California wildflowers as an ode to the spring season and the lifecycle of a wildflower.

Words, Photography, & Florals by
Allis Chang

Model, MUA, & Garment
by Jenny Liang

Since I couldn’t get out to Antelope Canyon for the famous superbloom, I wanted to do a shoot that featured wildflowers sourced from the Los Angeles Flower Market. I wove them into Jenny’s garment as a showcase of local California wildflowers and an ode to the spring season.

As our shoot went on, I loved watching the flowers fall out of Jenny’s garment. It became part of the performance of our creative collaboration together. I decided to allow the flowers to fall instead of trying to affix them back into the garment.

The lifecycle of a wildflower is so short once cut & that is the point. Wildflowers are meant to stay wild.

See more work by Allis Chang at or on Instagram @titwillo.
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