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"Traces" New Single from Zanders

Connecticut three-piece Zanders has announced their new record, Concentration Sixty-Four -- their first release in four years. This marks the group's first release with Hartford record label, Funnybone Records. You can pre-order a physical copy over at their Bandcamp. Listen to their new single, "Traces," available everywhere now.

Photographed by Zanders
Released by Funnybone Records Written by Zanders, Dylan Healy and Jasmine Jones

Ahead of the record's release on January 24th, Zanders has shared their new single, "Traces," available everywhere now.

Concentration Sixty-Four picks up where Buried Men left off, but develops the three-piece’s sound further with strings, synthesizers, guitar, and vocal harmonies. O’Donnell and Rules’ voices are brought to the fore, while Saraceno’s maintains her profound lyrical wit and powerful voice through moments of consonance and dissonance alike.

Listen to Traces below, pre-orderConcentration Sixty-Four here, and learn more about Zanders through their Funybone Records artist profile.
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