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Vulnerability: Captured Through Clothes and Skin

Photographer Ana Santos explores the vulnerability that can be found in both being dressed and undressed.

Written & Photographed by
Ana Santos

Camille Audette, Lucchina Breneville, Kennedy Gayle, & Elisa Perez

I am personally intrigued by the process an artist goes through when creating art. Between last year and this year, I worked on two photography projects shot on black and white 35mm film. I am constantly trying to find ways to incorporate fashion and the stories it tells, with my love for disrupted photography.

In a world quick to judge and sexualize women, clothes are the ways I choose to express myself. Society will judge us based on the pieces we choose to wear and tell our stories through. However, when the clothes come off, society will not only judge our naked bodies, but sexualize our naked bodies. We are vulnerable in our clothes just as much as when we are undressed.

See Ana Santos' never-before-seen notes and fashion sketches for photoshoots in the printed issue - Issue 008, Fall 2020! Available in the Aislin Shop.
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